Monday, January 25, 2010

Lethal People By John Locke

Donovan Creed , the main Character, has tremendous endurance for physical pain along with extreme mental control in his occupation of a hired assassin. The attributes and occupation would conclude that the character Donovan Creed is emotionally unapproachable.

The crime that is the premise of the book draws the reader to come alongside Donovan Creed in his quest to extract revenge for the victims.

Donovan Creed, horrifies, surprises, humbles and vindicates throughout this nonstop action novel.

The story is well told and gives the reader closure for the victims of the original opening crime.

What the author does is leave the reader with lots of questions regarding the origin of Donovan Creed the person. The reader is introduced to Donovan Creed at what seems to be midpoint in his life.

There is definitely many a backstory begging to be told here.

“Lethal People” is a book that once you pick it up you Just need to finish it!

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You can also find John Locke on Twitter @DonovanCreed.


  1. Looking forward to my book arriving at Waterstones, Union Bridge, Aberdeen.

  2. Hi Kathy! Great turn of phrase here:

    "Donovan Creed, horrifies, surprises, humbles and vindicates throughout this nonstop action novel." I haven't read through the book, but this here makes it much more interesting than "Donovan the super-vigilante" or any of the usual descriptions that essentially paint he hero as a one-man army of justice.

  3. Looks like a really good book!! Glad you shared the link with me! I love horror,suspense type books!! excellent!


  4. I love how you described it! I'm a big reader so based on your recommendation, I'll pick it up. Thanks!

  5. John Locke "Saving Lady Gaga with Creed" Amazon Kindle ~ check it out!