Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miss Abigail’s guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage Review

We were standing in line at Starbuck’s picking up my iced CafĂ© Mocha Grande discussing our afternoon plans of getting to see one of our childhood favorites on an off-Broadway stage.
My husband and I both growing up in the 70’s had our favorites.  I had already dragged him to a Donny Osmond Concert and he did not complain when we seen Marie Osmond on one of my other adventures.

We invited our best friends to accompany us to Miss Abigail’s guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage.  James and Sharon are married 3 years less than my husband and I so we pretty much don’t need the guide but wanted to enjoy the advice anyway.

I pleaded with my husband to not point me out or thrust me on stage like he has in the past.  I had the spotlight on me with a Kenny Rogers impersonator in Myrtle Beach and have not lived that down yet!

Last September I designed a Rose of Distinction for the Cake Boss  and delivered it to one of his performances.  We took James and Sharon with us and James ended up on Stage with Buddy designing cupcakes!


Needless to say James and I decided we did not want to end up on stage and asked our spouses not to point us out or wave us on the stage.

We just must have those types of faces.   I ended up on stage dancing with Paco and James was invited by Miss Abigail (Eve Plumb) to accompany her on stage to read for her!
Here is the thing, my husband always asks me to stop leading when we dance and I have no control over leading so subsequently my dance with Paco was anything but smooth.  It looked like a great start when we shook our hips together but it ended there.  I might have hit him in the head on a few turns and the audience was laughing as I looked like I was wrestling him a few times. 

Our friend James is a good dancer but a public reading is frightening for him!  The three of us clenched the seats when he strode up and took the book in his knuckle white, clammy hands.   James came through for Miss Abigail and became the butt of Paco’s stern glances the rest of the show. 

The play is a "play on words", laugh out loud when you least suspect and both Miss Abigail and Paco did an amazing job together!

Today is the last appearance for Eve Plumb as Miss Abigail so if you have a chance I encourage you not to miss enjoying Eve Plumb as Miss Abigail an accomplished actress and artist. 
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