Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anna Banana My Nana

Grandma How I have loved thee
Weeks shy of “Ninety Three”
You gave life to my mother
And therefore me

Your Irish eyes
Blue as the skies
Your white hair
Your skin so fair
Fashionable well put together
Signature color purple heather

You spoke with a NYC twist
How you pronounced Beau Ti’ Full will be missed!

You lived through “The Depression”
Which made quite an impression
On your three and the rest of our family tree

Watching you gazing
Always appraising
Seeing the beauty
You made that your duty

Tea and Toast
You loved the most
Although you would never pass up a roast!
Your appetite was tremendous
Your giggle stupendous
Anticipating your glass of wine
Your face would shine
Always demanding a turkey sandwich
You made us twitch as we murmured what a bitch!

You made us laugh
As we worked for you time and a half!
We all loved you in our own ways
We all knew “one of these days”
You would depart
And break our hearts

We all cried
Jan 5th 2011 when you died

You will live forever in our hearts

Daughter of Hannah
Owen’s Anna Banana
My Nana

Feb 24th 1918  –  Jan 5th 2011