Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The following is a call for help in achieving a possible walk on part on Madmen the smash hit on AMC . The open Call is for a opportunity for a walk on part for Season 4. My oldest and my youngest children are both actively pursuing a career in the arts. They are both studying in NYC.

I have decided to put this on my blog to try to help my children get the word out. The site to vote on seems to be having some problems with getting overloaded and had repeatedly been offline today. If you wouldn't mind terribly trying more than once if this appears to be happening when you try to vote. Each e-mail address is able to vote only once so may the best man /or woman covet your vote.

Thanks for all your Help!!!!!!!!


today Aug 11th 2009 before 12:00 tonight!

There is a TV show Mad Men on AMC (promo poster below) about Madison Avenue ad men in the 60's.
Not only do I love the show but I love the era!

There is an open casting call for a walk on role--all you had to do was fill out your information and upload an original "Mad Men-esq." photo of yourself... so I did! This isn't just an I want to be on TV stunt. My free time goes to studying acting/theatre in the village and would really love the opportunity to take it further. Below is my photo (set to look like a Polaroid) and the direct link to it on the AMC website:**note: if the link doesn't work its because the website is temporarily down**
The entries with the most votes / stars (up to 5 stars) have the best chance--according to the way of the contest.
Please, take a minute and click on the following link to vote for Elizabeth Decosmo: AMC » Mad Men Casting Call » Browse Photos

and my brother Ryan Decosmo
Ryan his link to vote here: Click here: AMC » Mad Men Casting Call » Browse Photos

Each computer address (ie: home, work, blackberry) can vote once a day.

I only became away of the casting call last week, took photos this weekend and posted last night so it's the LAST DAY! The contest closes at midnight tonight. So, please click on 5 stars and help my entry! :) Pass it along to everyone you know and have them VOTE as well. I really appreciate it.

Thanks! - xoxo Elizabeth DeCosmo edecosmo@gmail.com
Also viewable on: Facebook
PS: a lot of people are trying to get votes in before midnight, so the website is crashing periodically. Please, if you have the time, keep trying to get through! Thank you, thank you!

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