Thursday, November 12, 2009

Comment on :New study: sports tied to bad behavior in some teens

@TheKidsDoctor New study: sports tied to bad behavior in some teens. Thoughts? @katiesheadesign

   I have raised 2 boys and a girl all participated in different sports.  I have observed various outcomes which at times included the following in my home as well as others:
   Too tired to do Homework which leads to :
anxiety, then insomnia, then irritability, then anger, then ourbursts, then discipline from parents, then rebellion.
   Its apparent that a pattern of negativity can be established if constant intervention  is not maintained by parents setting limits all the time.
  The other end of the spectrum is that when close management and supervision is established and maintained for the students,a very positive outcome can be the reality.
   The positive effects I have observed are that my children  (now adults)can function as being part of a team and therefore cooperate and contribute to the bigger picture in life.  Such as workplace situations, time management, people management, being aware of the needs of others. Just to name a few.

These are my thoughts and observations in response to the article referenced.

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