Thursday, October 15, 2009

40ish Moms and perimenopause . What I'm in menopause!!!!

I just got off the phone with my best friend who is also 40ish, and realizing the same things as me.  I likened our lives to being put in a spacesuit and shipped off to Mars then dropped off. 

But.....before they open the hatch to drop us off we are told that we have to leave the spacesuit there and enter into this new environment completely unknown to us without the protection or the support of the space suit that enables us to get from earth to Mars. 

We are also told that we have to quickly become adept to the new environment with all of the factors that are so foreign to our bodies on earth.  We will have to breathe differently, find out how to live on this new planet and do it all ourselves etc.  This will mean dealing with our bodies reacting to all that is new and not be able to get any help while we are adjusting....sink or swim we are told.   Oh... and by the way we cannot feel sorry for ourselves, show any emotion, miss anything or anybody from earth we must just go on. 

And Yes one perk will be that we CAN have an interplatetary cell phone that we can only receive calls from the earthly people that need to ask questions or directions,,,just incase there were still some lose ends. It  should be NO surprise to us that we can only RECEIVE  "I Need" calls because that is what happened on earth.  Bonus:  if we receive too many calls on Mars we are then told  : "We did not do our job right on Earth".  I in turn am thinking... we did too much and that is precisely why we have been dropped off on Mars in the first place.   Just thinking outloud  ...clearing my throat......

We are told that all that we did on earth really does not mean anything because it really was all for nothing.  We were just foolish enough not to invest into learning about Mars while we were still  functioning in our earthly familiar environments.  The spacesuits were simply to make our transition FROM earth to mars as comfortable as possible for that brief time.  It was our jobs that we failed at ...not to have realized that all the while we  were on earth we should have been preparing for the next planet.

 Oh... by the way....nobody let us know that there was another planet we were going to be dropped off at after our usefullness was spent.

To all the good mothers and wives out there who have given selfishly to your family wake up and listen.  You too could be on Mars so do all you can to prepare for it.  Just in case....

Take care of yourself and your needs Now.  Do not wait til everybody else is taken care because ....everyone else will just continue to ask of you what you do not have to give so take it from your reserves.  Then when the reserves run out you get to go to Mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and get an occassional phone call from earth.... :)

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  1. There's so much wisdom, understanding, acceptance, and interest in girls becoming women in those tween years; what happens now is equally dramatic, intriguing, wise, and wonderful - but also as hard, and harrowing, and emotionally exhausting, and just plain STRANGE. Thanks for the post! Blessings to all on the space ship.