Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anthonyism # ??? LOST COUNT

The other day my 2 oldest offspring were discussing "Why does Mom  make Anthony the 22 year old's lunch every day to take to work or college"?

Anthony (the 22 year old) replies to the older 24 year old sister (who lives in her own apt and still brings home her laundry and shops in my pantry and fridge)... Mom does not have any one left at home but me and she wants to .......NEUTER ME!!!!!   LOL LOL LOL    Well after laughing so hard we were crying, I explained to my daughter that he meant  NURTURE  HIM.  The sick part is I can follow his train and his train is not exactly on the tracks....

Example of Anthonyisms

Anthony  @17 years old was going to the prom and asked me to order him a Croissant.  I promptly ordered him the Corsage that he wanted.

Anthony @ about 11 years old was having a conversation with my husband in the car about entertainers that are quirky and demanding of others.  Anthony's response was:  I know Dad, there are a lot of Whitney Houstons out there.  My husbands eyes popped, rendered speechless by this child clearly speaking another language that he did not understand!!  So...  I translated for my husband from "Whitney Houston" to Prima Donnas because Anthony was really thinking about Madonna but meant Prima Donna aka "Whitney Houston".  Well you try to follow that train!!!  Exactly!

And  that was just a few :)

Again I am scared because I CAN TRANSLATE!!!

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  1. I've always used word games to remember names and subject matter. With your son's technique I can use my old trick, stop my own translating and attempt appear even more off my own track to my wife. You have helped husbands everywhere with this ;).